A Designer at Heart is a global interior design agency founded by Martina Pardo, an Italian interior designer with a passion for creating spaces that foster community, connection, sustainability, and wellbeing. With a strong portfolio in PBSA, BTR and co-living, A Designer at Heart specialises in designing home spaces for Millennials and Gen Z.

We are proud to work across a broad range of market segments, from affordable to premium, and we provide bespoke design solutions that align your visual identity with your branding. What sets us apart is our technical expertise: our team members are trained architects, and we work in BIM to ensure seamless collaboration with wider teams at all stages of a project. Our international team brings a diverse mix of cultures and travel experiences to our designs, resulting in unique and personalized living spaces that reflect our clients' values and personalities.

In recognition of our commitment to exceptional design, our founder and director, Martina Pardo, was awarded the Rising Star of the Year title by Property Week Student Accommodation in December 2021.

Comments by the Judges report: "Martina and her company continue to shine, her entry showcased true potential for the next generation of future leaders in PBSA"

founder & director

Martina is an Italian interior designer living in London. Before setting up her own company in 2018, she has worked freelance in the hospitality, residential, and retail sectors worldwide and eventually decided to focus on serviced buildings and communal living.

She has since designed over 8,000 beds across Europe. Her approach to design is collaborative and practical as much as creative and she believes that functionality and beauty should go hand in hand.

Martina is a curious individual who is passionate about design, personal development, blogging, and travelling. Born and raised in Sicily, she has lived and worked in Milan, Beijing, and London.


interior designer

Juan is an Architect and Interior Designer from Colombia with 5 years’ experience working on high-end residential and commercial projects in America and Europe. He has a Master´s degree in design from Bartlett School of architecture in London. He spent the last 2 years working as a freelance architect and partnered with multiple creative studios for projects in residential, commercial, and branding. He is particularly interested in how design shapes the way people interact and connect with spaces.


senior interior designer

Valeria is an Italian Interior Designer and 3D Visualiser with experience in high-end Residential and Interior Design. Graduated in Rome, she built a significant experience both in Italy and the UK. She firmly believes in the importance of details and in the use of light in interiors. Her objective is to design comfortable and well thoughtout spaces for people to live in.


interior designer & BIM coordinator

Marta is an interior designer and BIM-coordinator at A Designer at Heart. Before becoming a full-time digital nomad, she worked in London for 6 years mainly designing office interiors. She travels around Europe living and working from different coliving spaces. She is passionate about the future of living and working, always striving for innovation and flexibility.


interior designer 

Gabriela is a Brazilian Interior Designer with 4 years experience in the UK and USA. She specialises in integrating residential elements into commercial and institutional projects, consistently aiming to create comfortable and cosy spaces.


account manager

Angelo has graduated in Business Economics and he is completing his Master's Degree in Business Management at University of Catania in Italy. He currently works as a consultant technician for management and accounting software. He is knowledgeable and passionate about helping innovative young businesses to grow and build solid foundations for their management system.


partner & marketing consultant

Riccardo is an Italian Sales & Marketing specialist. He studied Chinese Mandarin. Later, he specialised in International Management graduating with Distinction at SOAS University of London. In the meantime, he acquired a consistent professional experience in China and the UK. Now, Riccardo works as a digital marketer, strategist, and sales manager.

Along with our team, we constantly collaborate with our international
network of trusted freelancers with different backgrounds
and long experience in interior design


I am just a girl obsessed with Interior Architecture. When I was a baby I used to start all my games setting up the right interior. My Barbie dolls have never been homeless! As a kid I would sneak into my dad and grandad’s office just to stare in admiration at their drawings.

Inspired by my grandad…
I got a Master’s Degree in Building Engineering. I soon realised though that I wanted to do something more creative in my life. Therefore, I moved to Milan, Italian design capital and got a second Master’s Degree in Interior Design at the Politecnico University. After that, I only chose to work for small and medium companies. A sleeves rolled up attitude was required in order to take more responsibilities and grow. And I’ve learned from the best.

I gained experience…
…working in Milan, Beijing and London. As I discovered different cultures and lifestyles I applied this international approach to my work as a result. Now, thanks to these experiences, I design projects worldwide.


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