Industrial Chic Commercial Interior Design

| Riccardo Del Bello | Interior Design Tips
We recently had the opportunity to design the interiors for a new project that had a specific brief. While still being a student accommodation, we were asked to make it suitable for a more adult au...

Beginners' guide to light layers in Interior Design - part 2

| Martina Pardo | Interior Design Tips
Hello Everyone! Two weeks ago, I talked about the importance of layering light sources. In case you missed it, you can check the article here!We've seen the difference between the three layers...

A beginners' guide to lighting layers in Interior Design

| Martina Pardo | Interior Design Tips
Hello! Today I'd like to review a topic that is crucial for the success of an interior design. Whether you are designing or simply refurbishing a residential or commercial space, layering lights is...

How to design a HOMELY PATIO in 2021

| Riccardo Del Bello | Interior Design Tips
Hello everyone! Today I have something a bit different but perfectly on point for this time of the year. With summer just around the corner, we all want to enjoy some relaxing time outdoors, don’t...

4 Future trends in Co-Living

| Riccardo Del Bello | Interior Design Tips
A while back I followed a conference about Co-living Development organised by Coliving Hub during which were discussed numerous topics related to the growth and evolution of this market segment, es...

Home DIY Styling – Interior Design Inspiration for Spring

| Riccardo Del Bello | Interior Design Tips
Hello Everyone! Finally, Spring is approaching. I love to go out when the air gets crisp, and nature shows all its colours again. Me and Rick love to take long walks in parks and just breathe again...

A Beginner’s Guide to Colour Psychology

| Riccardo Del Bello | Interior Design Tips
In one of the latest articles published, I started the discussion about colours and specifically about some misconceptions when it comes to warm and cool colours. So, to expand on the topic I thoug...

Colour Psychology: the Biggest misconception about cool and warm colours

| Riccardo Del Bello | Interior Design Tips
When thinking about colours, not only for interiors but also to what they communicate to us in our daily life, there are some basic assumptions (that I’d straight call misconceptions) about their m...

The Most Important UK Interior Design Trend in 2021 | Cottagecore

| Riccardo Del Bello | Interior Design Tips
Predicting the market trends is always difficult whatever industry you’re in, and many people even say it’s impossible. Sometimes though, trends appear in the short-term and stay there, in broad da...

6 Steps to Design the perfect Private Cinema Room

| Riccardo Del Bello | Interior Design Tips
With the Christmas Holidays and New Year’s Eve approaching, this period might become quite hectic if like me you’re dealing with all the stuff to complete before the end of the year. However, these...


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