What is the role of 3D printing in Interior Design?

| Riccardo Del Bello | Interior Design Tips
It has been quite a lot of years since I have first seen applications of 3D Printing. It was during a Salone del Mobile in Milan, and, at that time, I was blown away by the variety of ideas behind ...

What Not to Do in Student Accommodation's Interior Design

| Riccardo Del Bello | Interior Design Tips
There are lots of different ideas behind the development of a student accommodation and factors influencing the general direction. Branding, target audience, location, sustainability objectives, an...

Interior Design according to Vastu Principles: A residential refurbishment project

| Riccardo Del Bello | Interior Design Tips
Today I would like to talk about one of our latest projects. A residential one this time. It was quite unique since we were asked to refurbish a small flat in London and develop it around Indian Va...

5 Ways in which Technology is changing Interior Design

| Riccardo Del Bello | Interior Design Tips
The pandemic has accelerated the process of digitalisation in every aspect of our life in a way that very few expected or thought was possible. And this is true for every industry and interior desi...

14 Savvy Ways to spend leftover student accommodation design budget

| Riccardo Del Bello | Interior Design Tips
Today I thought about discussing a topic that might seem unthinkable at first, but it turns out it does happen and this specific question does arise! I am talking about what to do when there is mon...

Industrial Chic Commercial Interior Design

| Riccardo Del Bello | Interior Design Tips
We recently had the opportunity to design the interiors for a new project that had a specific brief. While still being a student accommodation, we were asked to make it suitable for a more adult au...

Beginners' guide to light layers in Interior Design - part 2

| Martina Pardo | Interior Design Tips
Hello Everyone! Two weeks ago, I talked about the importance of layering light sources. In case you missed it, you can check the article here!We've seen the difference between the three layers...

A beginners' guide to lighting layers in Interior Design

| Martina Pardo | Interior Design Tips
Hello! Today I'd like to review a topic that is crucial for the success of an interior design. Whether you are designing or simply refurbishing a residential or commercial space, layering lights is...

How to design a HOMELY PATIO in 2021

| Riccardo Del Bello | Interior Design Tips
Hello everyone! Today I have something a bit different but perfectly on point for this time of the year. With summer just around the corner, we all want to enjoy some relaxing time outdoors, don’t...

4 Future trends in Co-Living

| Riccardo Del Bello | Interior Design Tips
A while back I followed a conference about Co-living Development organised by Coliving Hub during which were discussed numerous topics related to the growth and evolution of this market segment, es...


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