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Hello Design Lovers! Here we are at the fifth and last ‘episode’ (for now) of our weekly series about how to best décor your Student Accommodation room for a small budget, today we discuss Industrial Interior Design!

This is an interesting contrast with last week’s article about Playful Interior Design. Where one is colourful and fun, Industrial Interior Design is more minimal, stylish, and toned-down. Generally speaking, it is also more serious even though it can still incorporate some fun elements.

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And now let’s proceed with today’s topic

Industrial Interior Design Style

The basic aspects of Industrial interior design style are a widespread use of black against light paint colours, neutral or earthy tones to complement, metal and wood, and a certain degree of minimalism. No wonder it often recalls (or it is used in) warehouses and lofts, right?

Something to keep in mind is that sometimes details can overlap with those of Vintage Rock Interior Design that we described two weeks ago, which is also my favourite Style. This contributes to raising Industrial Design quite high in my personal ranking. But it is important to mark the differences well and nail every detail to achieve the desired result.

A student accommodation room is a great place to achieve the perfect Industrial Interior Design. The neutral colours used for the interiors are the perfect starting point to create the contrast needed. Even with modern furniture, the right items, and accessories will convey the vibe you’re looking for.

It’s important to be careful though and not clutter the space too much. Industrial Interior is usually quite minimal and airy (unless you go for a more vintage and natural vibe but I like it better when minimal). There is space anyway for some edgy statement piece, to go along with the contrasting colours.

As far as materials go, Industrial interiors often feature exposed bricks, quite unlikely to be found in student accommodations, metal, and wood (Remember to always stay away from brick pattern wallpaper! The proper industrial look is achieved only if the textures are real). These textures are what give the Industrial Interiors the raw look it should have. So, it is up to us to use every essential item we select to recreate that look. Last but not least, this interior Design has a strong utilitarian function. Differently from last week’s Playful interior, which is concerned more with emotions and a more irrational communication, Industrial is more direct and form has to follow function.

Loft Dreaming and art galleries

I mentioned that one of the reasons I like Industrial Interior Design is its similarities with Vintage Rock Style. But the biggest one is probably because my dream is to live in a loft.

China was also a good place to find inspiration for this style. Nowadays, many old buildings from Beijing’s industrial development period are still intact but used as shops, art gallery or exhibition halls. Many of these places are the exact definition of Industrial aesthetics and it very interesting to see the design solutions employed by people in such a culturally different country. Most of all, this was visible in the area called ‘798’, an old cluster of warehouses turned in recent years into a proper contemporary art district.

798 pic

This is the photo that Rick took at 798 when we were living in Beijing back in 2014. 

I was glad to find such diverse and unexpected inspiration and hope to have brought some back. Let’s have a look at today’s selection.


industrial interior design kitchen

  1. Data, IKEA – Stainless steel, 24-piece cutlery set £25.00
  2. Snitsig, IKEA – 7-piece cookware set, £27.00
  3. Styx, – Set of 4 stainless steel utensils, £25.00
  4. Utensil holder, Etsy – Half gallon, mason jar utensil holder, £17.05
  5. Bistrot De Paris Vintage French, Dibor – Tea Towel, £4.00
  6. Linen Oven Glove, Muji – 100% Linen oven glove £3.95
  7. Traditional Kettle, Cuisinart on Amazon – Stainless steel colour cordless kettle, £50
  8. Tableware, Zara Home – matte black, £4.99, £5.99 x piece
  9. Black like my soul mug, Neon Tiger – Thick stoneware mug, microwave safe, £11.95
  10. Negroni, Habitat – Glasses, set of 4 £15.00
  11. Vardagen, IKEA – Grater with handle, £5.00
  12. Koncis, IKEA – can opener, £5.00
  13. Chopping board, John Lewis – Naturally Med Olive Wood Chopping board, £25.00
  14. Colander, John Lewis – Stainless Steel 22cm, £8.00

industrial interior design bedroom

  1. Black Resin soap dish, Zara Home – soap dish, £7.99
  2. Black Resin Tumbler, Zara Home – Toothbrush holder, £7.99
  3. Santorini, – Set of 2 Bath Towels, Elephant grey, £22.00
  4. Santorini, – 100% Cotton Bath Mat, 50x80cm, Elephant Grey, £15.00
  5. Grusb Grusblad, IKEA – Duvet, 7.5 TOG, Single, £12.00
  6. Hampdån, IKEA – 50×80 cm firmer pillow, £6.00
  7. Cotton Duvet Cover Set, H&M – Dark grey patterned Cover set, £19.99
  8. Johanne, IKEA – throw blanket, black/white, 130x170cm, £25
  9. Cotton Silk Broken Stripe Cushion Cover, West Helm – cushion cover, £39.00
  10. Aslack, Lampsy – Table Lamp, black £45.00
  11. Pen Holder, Etsy – Wood Desk Organizer, £36.98
    Playing Card Box, Etsy – Vintage wooden card box with brass Inlay, £10.99
    Hakuun, – Set Of Two Terrazzo Plant Pots With Rubberwood Legs, £69.00
  12. Sunny, – Large Pendulum Wall Clock 47cm, Brushed Copper, £49.00
    War is Over, Desenio – Poster, 21x30cm, 30x40cm, £10.95-£16.95
    Beige Art, Desenio – Poster, 21x30cm, 30x40cm, £8.95-£12.95
    Woman by Manhattan Bridge, Desenio – Poster, 30x40cm, £12.95
    Vintage Camera, Desenio – Poster, 21x30cm, 30x40cm, £8.95-£12.95
  13. FJjälla, IKEA – Storage box with lid, dark grey, 18x26x15 cm, £3.50


We’re waiting for your feedback!

This is it for now! I hope you enjoyed these articles and found them useful, especially for the coming months when we gradually go back to our regular daily life. Let me know if you enjoyed the series and you plan to use our selections for your own room! You can tag us through our major social media: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn

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Riccardo Del Bello

Written by: Riccardo Del Bello

Riccardo is the marketing manager and partner of A Designer at Heart. He is in charge of the development and brand definition of the company for its marketing activities.



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