How to Fully Decor your Student Accommodation room for less than £650 #3: Vintage Rock Style

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Hello Design Lovers! I hope you are all having a good week so far. Today I come with the third article of the ‘Room Interior Design’ series. We go into Vintage Rock Interior Design. Once again, let’s review features and main characteristics of this style with some great examples, and then proceed to detail a full list of items to really characterise your room and make it stand out.

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A personal experience

I particularly care about this article because this Vintage Rock Interior style is my favourite. I even have some of the objects selected at home. Especially the prints by Asteronyme. A French artist that can be met in Brick Lane in London. Rick gave me one of his prints as a gift for a birthday when he moved to London. He later bought a second one himself. So, they both have a sentimental value for us.

london room

Here are our two prints hanging in our first room in London both in frames from IKEA.  

While picking the rest of the items on the list below we liked some of these so much that we decided to buy them ourselves too. So, now let’s talk Vintage Rock.


Vintage Rock Interior Design

First of all, the definition of Rock or Rock’n’Roll’s interior style can be broad. Some people like to add a chic or glamorous touch to the overall look. I personally prefer a more vintage vibe. This is mainly due to my passion for the period it recalls and, of course, for the music! I love some 70s classic Rock band.


Black is a basic colour for a Vintage Rock Interior but by no means the only one. Bold, colourful accents are definitely allowed and can work very well. A good combination will make each detail more eye-catching.

A Vintage Rock Interior has to be eccentric too. So, you can push the boundaries here by getting creative with unique pieces and original accessories. Vinyl records collection, prints, and posters to hang on a wall are great ideas to convey the mood and add character to your room interior. If you happen to play any musical instrument (that can fit in your room), don’t hesitate to put it on display. Parts of an old broken instrument can also become interesting and unique accessories.


Since you don’t have to be subtle, differently from other styles we described previously, Rock interiors often feature big bold text and letters.

So, here’s our shortlist of basic items and accessories for your Vintage Rock Interior Design. I hope you’ll find some good inspirations. Enjoy! 


vintage rock interior kitchen

  1. 3-piece cutlery set, H&M – Stainless steel £8.99
  2. Hemlagad, IKEA - 6-piece cookware set, black, £45
  3. Direkt, IKEA - 3-piece kitchen utensil set, black, stainless steel £6
  4. Dewar, Habitat – Orange Red Utensil holder, £10
  5. Tea Towels, Etsy – Special Edition musicians tea towels, 47x74 cm cotton, £12 x piece
  6. Rock’n’Roll Kitchen Glove, Etsy – oven glove handmade, left or right hand £23.76
  7. Tableware, Zara Home – matte black, £4.99, £5.99 x piece
  8. Kettle, John Lewis – Black Kettle, £25.00
  9. Le Creuset Stoneware Mugs, John Lewis - 350ml, Set of 2, Red, £28
  10. Kallna, IKEA – glass green, 31 cl 6-piece pack, £4
  11. Strålande, IKEA - Grater with handle, stainless steel, dark grey, £6
  12. 365+ Värdefull, IKEA – can opener, black, £6
  13. Fuji, Habitat – Matte black square chopping board, £25
  14. Stainless Steel Colander, John Lewis - 24cm, Navy, £6.00

 vintage rock interior bedroom

  1. Flow soap tray, Conran Shop – Black soap dish, £7
  2. Black Toothbrush Mug, Nordic House – Porcelain toothbrush holder, £13.50
  3. Towels, John Lewis - Zig Zag Towels with TENCEL Lyocell, Steel, £25
  4. Bath mat, H&M - Bath mat in sturdy cotton terry with a taped trim, £12.99
  5. Grusblad, IKEA – Duvet, 7.5 TOG, Single, £12
  6. Hampdån, IKEA – 50×80 cm firmer pillow, £6
  7. Skogslönn, IKEA - Quilt cover and pillowcase, black, multicolour, £25
  8. Bed throw, John Lewis - Chenille Throw, Dark Red £25
  9. Cushion Cover, Etsy – Black and red cushion cover, £12
  10. Bobby, Habitat - Black metal desk lamp, £25
  11. Ozzy, – floor lamp, £79
    Gold Hand Ornament, Rockett St. George – Ornament, £19
    Classic Lava Lamp, Argos – 36x8.9 cm, metal, £15
  12. Posters, by Asteronyme – 30x42 cm posters from London Brick Lane, £12
    Vinyl Record Clock, Etsy – Dark Side of the Moon, £21.99
    Vinyl Record Magazine Rack, Etsy - Recycled LPs magazine rack, £20
  13. Manick, IKEA – Box with lid, black, 35x50x30cm, £22
    Lycksele, IKEA – Storage Box chair bed, black £15
Happy shopping!

Before signing off, I wanted to leave a quick reminder. Have fun! Make your Vintage Rock Interior yours 100%. Feel free to mix and match, just because we grouped the items this way, it doesn’t mean you need to stick to it. The golden rule of mixing is that you don’t mix more than two styles but other than that, the sky is the limit.

If you use our lists, please follow up! Post a picture of your newly decorated room on Instagram and tag us We can’t wait to see them.

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Riccardo Del Bello

Written by: Riccardo Del Bello

Riccardo is the marketing manager and partner of A Designer at Heart. He is in charge of the development and brand definition of the company for its marketing activities.


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