How to Fully Decor your Student Accommodation room for less than £650 #4: Playful Style

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Hello Design Lovers! Once again, here we are with another article to add to our weekly series. This week we talk about Playful Interior Design. This style comes from a recent trend and aims at creating bright spaces with a cheerful mood and unexpected features.

It is, in fact, meant to cater to our emotional side, satisfying the need for leisure, playfulness and recreation instead of just being oriented at utilitarian and practical use.

Playful Interior Design is probably the most extreme style in terms of the use of colours among the ones we analysed so far. We have started from Boho and Scandi, then gradually moved up through Vintage Rock. If you are curious about the previous articles published check them at the links here:

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What's the concept behind the Playful Style?

The Playful interior design looks colourful and fun but it is also very dramatic at the same time. It always tries to achieve that 'Wow' effect. And for this reason, it's being used so often in exhibitions and sets.

While it might look childish to some, this kind of interior is becoming more and more common in everyday spaces for adults. Probably because being in an environment that conveys positive vibes can help to cope with today's tough working life. I find this aspect very interesting.


Playful Interior Design Style

As mentioned, Playful Interior Design is a relatively recent trend focused on bold and experimental spaces that convey a positive and confident mood.

At the basis of this style, there is the use of bright vibrant colours, through paint or flashy wallpapers. Colour blocking is widespread in these interiors. But how to obtain the same effect in a room where we can’t change the walls paint or wallpaper?


Especially in student accommodations, you might bump into pretty neutral or dull colours. Sometimes these are chosen to accommodate the tastes of a very diverse demographic, while a more polarising choice could create problems for a specific group of people.

Luckily, it’s easy to obtain the same effect through furniture and accessories if you know where to go and the contrast between a neutral and a flashy element can be even more effective! A boldly coloured duvet cover or throw blanket can change the mood of a room. The same goes for smaller objects or wall decors.


Yellow is widely used for Playful interior design, but that's by no mean the only choice. Bright colours can also be juxtaposed to dark ones to make them pop even more. The prevalence of round and soft shapes at the same time makes the space more welcoming and familiar.
Finally, other factors you can consider to create a perfect Playful Interior Design are textures and patterns.

Keep Balance in mind

Most of the success of this style ultimately comes down to the right mix of all the elements we talked about.

Many statement pieces and bold features can be difficult to balance and they might end up clashing with each other.

So, however creative you get the most important thing is to do it with a clear concept and idea in mind. By going randomly things can get messy very quickly. Planning everything before instead allows you to create a more cohesive and welcoming space.

Now let's see the list we put together for you!


playful interior design kitchen

  1. Colour Effect Steel Cutlery, Zara Home – Stainless steel £3.99 x piece
  2. Hemlagad, IKEA - 6-piece cookware set, blue, £45
  3. Fulländad, IKEA - 5-piece kitchen utensil set, grey, £3
  4. Dewar, Habitat – White Utensil Holder, £8
  5. Tea Towels, West Helm – Half moon, Triangles Tea towels, 43x70 cm, £4.95
  6. Grilltider, IKEA – Oven glove blue £2.5
  7. Plissé, Alessi – White Cordless Electric Kettle, £79
  8. Färgrik, IKEA - 18-piece service, dark turquoise, £22
  9. Iris Mug, Hay – Round Off White, Japanese thin porcelain matte finish, £35
  10. Storsing, IKEA – Glass, Clear Glass, 6-piece pack, £6
  11. Vardagen, IKEA - Grater with handle, £5
  12. 365+ Värdefull, IKEA – can opener, black, £6
  13. Chopping Board, Hay – Polyethylene chopping board with stay-put dots, £25
  14. Stainless Steel Colander, John Lewis - 24cm, Navy, £6.00



playful interior design bedroom

  1. Jose, Habitat - terrazzo stone soap dish, £10
  2. Jose, Habitat - terrazzo stone storage jar, £15
  3. Cotton Towel, Zara Home – Multi-striped Cotton towel pack of 3, £4.99-£9.99
  4. Colourblock, - Cotton Bath Mat, 50x80cm, Grey & Mustard, £12
  5. Grusblad, IKEA – Duvet, 7.5 TOG, Single, £12
  6. Hampdån, IKEA – 50×80 cm firmer pillow, £6
  7. Betsy Yellow, Habitat - Yellow and black printed reversible double duvet cover set, £30
  8. Ryker, - Cotton Woven Throw 130 x 170cm, Grey Multi, £29
  9. Botta, - Woven Block Stripe Cushion 45 x 45cm, £19
  10. Mini Table Light, House of Lights - Concrete ribbed table lamp pink, £35
  11. Neon Light, The Conran Shop – Cloud Yellow, £55
    Neon Light, The Conran Shop – Heart Pink, £55
    Neon Light, The Conran Shop – Lightning Blue, £55
    Elm, - Essentials Elm Table Lamp Set, Pink, £20
  12. Frida Floral 1 Poster, Desenio – 21x30cm, 30x40cm, 40x50cm, £8.95, £12.95, £16.95
    Bubblegum Giraffe Poster, Desenio – 13x18cm, 21x30cm, 30x40cm, £4.95, £8.95, £12.95
    Thousand Birds Poster, Desenio – 30x40cm, 50x70cm, £12.95, £23.95
    Matisse Papiers Poster, Desenio – 30x40cm, 50x70cm, £12.95, £23.95
    Cyra Poster, Desenio – 30x40cm, 40x50cm, £12.95, £16.95
  13. Risatorp, IKEA - Basket blue, 25x26x18 cm, £10

This is it! What do you think about our list for Playful Interior Desing? Let us know and don't hesitate to suggest new ideas through our social media channels if there's another interior style you'd like to see featured here!  InstagramFacebookPinterestLinkedIn

I'll see you all here next week!

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Riccardo Del Bello

Written by: Riccardo Del Bello

Riccardo is the marketing manager and partner of A Designer at Heart. He is in charge of the development and brand definition of the company for its marketing activities.


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