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Predicting the market trends is always difficult whatever industry you’re in, and many people even say it’s impossible. Sometimes though, trends appear in the short-term and stay there, in broad daylight, for those ready enough to get on board.

Ever heard of Cottagecore?

Well, according to a research from Roofing Megastore and backed by Google Trends Data in 2020, Cottagecore is the way to go in the UK for 2021. The aesthetic current has had a whopping 1075% increase in popularity making it the most important interior design trend for next year.

Along with it a few other noteworthy trends:

2. Dried Flowers +250%

3. Antiqued Mirrors +224%

4. Roof Lantern +203.3%

5. Herringbone Floor 177.42%

6. Dark Blue Kitchen 147.83%

7. Roof Window 127.78%

8. Japandi 112.77%

9. Copper taps 111.11%

10. Dark Green Walls 103.13%

Some losing importance ones instead are:

1. Dark Blue Walls -64.18%

2. Chrome Taps -46.48%

3. Retro Style -27.03%

4. Mid-century Furniture -26%

5. Industrial Lights -22.35%

So, what is Cottagecore and where do we start to implement it?

Cottagecore takes inspiration from a return to a more traditional lifestyle, suited for a different time period. This mainly comes down to its distance from technology, as well as impersonal rigorous and geometric lines and interiors in favour of a more agricultural setting.

This might seem somewhat counterintuitive, considering that in 2020, with the pandemic, home modern luxuries and technology are important factors that got us through it. But this style is actually focused on creating a relaxing and comforting environment through ease, slowness, and lack of technology, as well as welcoming plants and nature indoor. And yes, of course, there is here a nod to sustainability and Sustainable Interiors for us designers to consider.

This sense of escapism that Cottagecore conveys then has naturally gained even greater momentum during the lockdown period. Even a resolute supporter of a more contemporary style like me, looking at those natural and warm images, fell in love with that cosy feeling. So let’s see some of the main characteristics of this design style.

1. Colour Palette

Cottagecore colour range consists of lots of neutral and natural tones such as ivory, brown, and beige that you can commonly find in similar styles like Boho. But it can include also pastel tints like dusty pink, light or olive green, light yellow, or baby blue as well as brighter versions of these. Finally, some darker tones of green and brown are accepted too.

2. Materials

Similar to the colour palette, the choice of the materials has to be heavily influenced by nature and the surrounding environment. This translates into a consistent use of timber for floors, furniture, and ceilings with exposed slats. Stone is a great material for flooring too.


Wallpapers with natural and vintage patterns are also a common choice. Other common items in these interiors include wicker, copper, and linen fabrics.

3. Furniture

As for furniture, a mix of antique, vintage, and renewed pieces or re-upholstered seating are a must. Don’t worry if it’s chipped here and there, not only the style allows it, but it might actually add some character to the whole complex.

4. Accessories

As an interior style is quite the opposite of minimalist ones like Scandi and it has a quintessentially British character. This is ideal then for those who like a quite full space. Not that it has to be cluttered, but you can definitely go a bit crazy with accessories and ornaments.

They can range from hand-crafted objects to patchwork, crochet, and pottery. Vintage wall clocks and lamps or candles can enrich your space too. The balance here is as far as your taste goes. Some people (like my parents!) feel in heaven when surrounded by stuff, especially if it holds emotional value, whereas others need order to feel at peace. If you are one of those minimalistic personalities, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the Cottagecore style too, yours will simply look brighter and more spacious.

5. Nature

As mentioned above when talking about the principles of Cottagecore and as you’ve probably noticed by now from these paragraphs, nature plays a big role. This style is ultimately about bringing the outdoors in, in a warming and comfy environment. So don’t neglect plants and other elements that bring a bit of Biophilic design to your space and make it more sustainable, staying even more on-trend with these times where social responsibility is finally cool.

So, now all you have to do is just get cracking! As shown through photos, there are many interpretations and varying degrees to realise Cottagecore interiors. Have fun with it. Try and experiment with different solutions for a sustainable and welcoming environment!

And you fancy some more inspiration, have a look at my Cottagecore Pinterest board below:


Riccardo Del Bello

Written by: Riccardo Del Bello

Riccardo is the marketing manager and partner of A Designer at Heart. He is in charge of the development and brand definition of the company for its marketing activities.


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