How to Refurbish a Commercial Interior for 2021: Refreshing Colours, Sustainability, and Customer Experience

| Riccardo Del Bello | My column on Italianbark

Hello Everyone! This week, I’d like to introduce my latest collaboration with Elisabetta and her amazing Blog ItalianBark. As you might already know, I have been collaborating with her for a while, writing a series pieces that you can find linked at the bottom of the main blog page.

This time I had the opportunity to share with her one of our latest projects that despite being completed in 2020 embodied quite well the major trends that interior design is moving toward. Some of which, as we discussed in our report of the 2021 Elle Décor Summit for Hospitality, had already started before the pandemic.

So, after this difficult year, some priorities have changed, while others have just been enhanced but what’s been going on in our society. All this gave me the opportunity to share with Elisabetta some reflections about all this through a sample of our work. Starting from a ‘Before & After’ comparison, I touched on these topics that should be a matter of daily research and study for any interior designer, not just those working on commercial spaces, but residential as well. Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting and inspiring.

Click HERE to read the Full Article on ItalianBark

And below a sneak-peek at the before and after job we realised

before after

Riccardo Del Bello

Written by: Riccardo Del Bello

Riccardo is the marketing manager and partner of A Designer at Heart. He is in charge of the development and brand definition of the company for its marketing activities.


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