Summer 2021: Amara Interior Blog Awards 2021 and Company News

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Hello Everyone, we’re into August and I hope you are all enjoying some relax and possibly some time away from the office. As for me, I’m back in Italy at my family’s, and while I still have work to do remotely, the whole atmosphere, weather, and surroundings give a completely different vibe.

So, to keep it light, I thought it’d be a good occasion to give some updates about the company, our vision for the future, and some of the latest news.


Over the last year, we have been actively focusing on sustainability, green innovation, and biophilic design. Modular construction and shared living are other factors we reviewed that have been gaining importance in the sector globally. These are probably the biggest changes happening right now in the industry and something that we strongly believe in. But it is also something that nobody can really overlook now.

Ude communal area

Also, GenZ right now is much more aware when it comes to environmental issues. They are told that they are the last generation who can really affect and stop climate change. This kind of perspective can have serious consequences on this generation’s mental health. According to a research we reported, in the UK alone around 70% of the 18-24 years old suffer from eco-anxiety that takes forms of despair, guilt, grief, and insomnia.

So, along with using sustainable and circular materials in our interiors whenever possible, we have also been doing research and writing about it on this blog, in the hope of spreading interest and knowledge toward the topic and to become also the go-to space for people interested in learning more about sustainable design, biophilia, and how to apply them.

To check the full list of articles published so far on the topic click here or select the category ‘Sustainability & Well-being’ on our blog page.

Luckily, today a lot of startups are adopting new technologies to recycle and upcycle used materials or wastes from industrial production. This is bringing a proper new wave of options for us designers to create beautiful and environmentally-friendly interiors. For this reason, part of our production focused also on cutting-edge start-ups, and not just the principles of these currents.

Finally, as a plus, green technology is also becoming a powerful marketing tool, which ensures that even large companies (that haven’t yet) will eventually move toward it benefitting our planet, boosting the industry and the demand for circular materials and ultimately the well-being of everyone.

New Projects

Naturally, due to the pandemic, the whole industry received a big hit. So many things have changed, and the focus in construction and interior shifted as the priorities changed. Safety, health, and well-being became even more important than before.

So, we worked on new ideas and concepts like the one presented at the Class Conference:

The student accommodation sector has proven to be a very resilient one though. So, we also participated in a number of diverse and new interesting projects. More news coming soon on these but just to give you a heads-up, this year I have been focusing a lot on design guidelines. After my experience with Nido (you can read about our work with them HERE), a number of co-living and PBSA brands have approached me to help them figure out their visual identity.

This is something that I am truly enjoying: to start with an analysis of their values and the target demographic they want to attract, then let these shape the FF&E design depending on specific needs. I hope to show you some examples soon.

After many commercial projects, we also completed our first residential interior under A Designer at Heart. Here is a sneak peek at the development happening now:

tanya residential interior

Amara IBA 2021 Awards

Last but not least, in 2021 as last year, we are among the contestants for the AMARA Interior Blog Awards in the Interior Design Company Category.

On the two previous occasions, it has always been exciting to participate in this award. We got in touch with other professionals in the industry, discovered some amazingly talented people, took part in fun events, and more. Even more than that, we love to be part of such an amazing community of writers. We have learned a lot about blogging and have found a community of people who don’t just do their job for the sake of it. But, like us, they want to invest in research and value sharing knowledge with others.

We look forward to participating in the next phase this year as well. If you like what we are doing with our blog, and you’d like to help us, then give us your vote at the link below, it takes just a few seconds and it’s a huge help for us:


amara screen

Riccardo Del Bello

Written by: Riccardo Del Bello

Riccardo is the marketing manager and partner of A Designer at Heart. He is in charge of the development and brand definition of the company for its marketing activities.


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