Sustainable Living and Design Challenges in PBSAs: Our Response to GenZ's Needs

| Martina Pardo | Serviced Accommodations
As more and more people become aware of the need for sustainable living, it's no surprise that the repurposing of things has become the norm. According to a survey conducted by The Property Marketi...

Movie Nights & Flexibility: Our Response to GenZ's Needs

| Marta Kluk | Serviced Accommodations
The student accommodation market is always evolving, and operators need to be agile to keep up with the latest trends and demands. A recent survey conducted by The Property Marketing Strategists an...

Designing for Wellness: Our Response to Gen Z's Need

| Marta Kluk | Serviced Accommodations
In our last article (Creating Semi-Private Living Spaces), we discussed how Gen Z students want affordable and community-oriented accommodation. Today, we'll explore another important aspect of stu...

Creating Semi-Private Living Spaces: Our Response to Gen Z's Need

| Marta Kluk | Serviced Accommodations
At the end of the last year The Property Marketing Strategists [TPMS] in collaboration with UPP conducted intensive research on what Gen Z wants from their student accommodation. The survey include...

3 Tips to Create Comfort and Functionality in Multifamily Units

| Juan Cabrera Moreno | Serviced Accommodations
We have been recently working remotely on a multifamily housing project in the US which has once again reminded us about the importance of a well-designed layout for this type of development. Multi...

Proptech: Coliving Entering Industry 4.0

| Marta Kluk | Serviced Accommodations
We all agree that we live in an age of technological advancement. Technology and the construction industry traditionally didn’t have much in common, but in 2023 it’s been changed already. You can c...

Interior tips to design a PBSA lounge like a pro

| Marta Kluk | Serviced Accommodations
We have previously discussed the design of different rooms in a PBSA building: bedroom, study room, dining room, and cinema room. Last but not least is the lounge, which we believe may be the most ...

Defining coliving in 2022: from large scale to boutique

| Marta Kluk | Serviced Accommodations
Beginning of the industry Earlier this year we have been part of Co-Liv summit with lots of interesting talks around the subject of colivings. The range of speakers and subjects was enormous. That...


| Martina Pardo | Serviced Accommodations
“Are we going back to the office?” How many times have you heard this question in the past year? Though nobody yet has a clear answer, we all seem to agree that people are not going back to the of...

PBSA Bedroom: how to get the Best out of its Interior Design

| Riccardo Del Bello | Serviced Accommodations
Today we are back talking about PBSA, specifically about the bedroom. So we decided to discuss the topic by sharing our experience with different operators. We are going to look at the best practic...


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