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Hello everyone! Today I would like to start with some exciting news! A Designer at Heart has been longlisted in the Website of the Year Category at the Dezeen Awards for Interior Design, Design, and Architecture! We are thrilled as this is already a great achievement for us, and we are looking forward to the next phases.

There is another Award given by Dezeen however that interested us particularly, and it is the one for Sustainability, which is divided into two sub-categories, one for Design and one for Interior Design.

So, as we’re on a constant look for new ideas, innovation, and exciting new solutions to apply to our interiors, I had a look into this selection and rounded up a list of my 10 favourite projects longlisted by Dezeen for this award. I selected them from both the sub-categories, and you can find all the links below if you’d like to know more.

I have to say, I am also happy to see some materials that we already featured in previous articles about sustainability making this longlist, like Honext in our 5 Start-ups in Circular Materials, and Kvadrat Really featured in the article 6 Top Materials for a Sustainable Interior in 2021

But here comes my selection for my top 10 exciting sustainable projects selected by Dezeen:

1. The Lamb

The Lamb is an office space developed by Nanna Lagerman Studio, a small firm focused on creating bespoke designs for commercial and high-end residential spaces.

This project consists of a co-working-like space that focuses on mental health and wellbeing. It brings together work, play, and self-care.

It is thought to stimulate creativity, and the connection with others, as well as promoting wellbeing and sustainability. In fact, it also uses 90% of upcycled and repurposed furniture.

the lambSource: Nanna Lagerman Studio

2. Algae Bioplastic Vessels

For this second project, we go into product design and particularly circular materials experimentation. The studio Other Matter was founded by Jessie French and researches the opportunities of a post-petrochemical world.

With the Algae Bioplastic Vessels, the studio offers a set of tableware obtained by algae polymers. The material is also entirely biodegradable, and recyclable. It can be remodelled into a different item. Through their research Other Matter created a material that is durable and suitable for home use. Along with it come many other interesting initiatives and custom projects as well.

3. Haycroft Gardens

This project comes from Sarah Wigglesworth Architects studio, an architecture and design studio established in the UK.

This project, set in suburban north London, tries to address a number of relevant social and environmental questions. From a sustainability perspective, the project is developed with sustainable materials but it is also about efficiency, and improving or changing a space over time instead of just moving to a different one when needs change in our lives. It is thought to suit different types of living and a growing family.

haycroft gardensSource: Tim Crocker © for Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

4. iQ Natural

This next material comes from a company that we already featured multiple times in our projects in the past.

iQ Natural is part of a circular line of products, and it is a sustainable flooring material replacing traditional fossil oil with renewable biomass. The production of it reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses by 60% giving it one of the lowest carbon footprints of any flooring material.

iq natural by tarkettSource: Tarkett

5. The Resurface Table by Norwegian Trash

From Norwegian Trash studio comes this unique piece of furniture. The Resurface Table is entirely obtained from marine waste obtained from the Norwegian fishing industry.

The project addresses the booming fish farming in Norway which has become a major source of plastic waste in the country. So the table is not only crafted from such waste but as a further effort for traceability, blockchain technology is employed to keep track of every step of the production process.

norwegian trashSource: Norwegian Trash

6. The Commons

This time we shift to the food service industry. The Amsterdam studio The Invisible Party, together with The Student Hotel, realised an interior for the bar-restaurant The Commons, part of a Student Hotel accommodation in the Netherlands. I've been to this place several times in different cities, and always find it so inspiring both for its atmosphere and for the branding behind it.

The whole area was developed with circular design principles in mind. To this end, the bar-restaurant includes a range of diverse recycled and sustainable materials and pieces of furniture in bright colour palettes. All this came together creating a multifunctional space suitable for both intimate dining as well as group dinners and activities.

7. Tempera Series

The Tempera Series is developed by Korean studio WKND which researches various waste materials and by-products to obtain sustainable bioplastics.

The Tempera Series specifically, uses duck egg yolk discarded by the pharmaceutical industry.

These yolks contain proteins, minerals and oils thanks to which can be reshaped, coloured and transformed into biodegradable materials. Through this process, a series of small house items has been obtained. And the possibilities are many more thanks to the numerous researches the laboratory conducts.

tempera seriesSource: WKND

8. Whecat

This project is more of a result of research by synthetic inorganic and material chemistry group Xiao Lab. Whecat proposes a solution against the pollution caused by the excessive incineration of agricultural wastes.

Solving this issue Whecat aims at creating a sustainable solution to give shelter to stray cats and increase the income from wheat cultivation while also helping the environment. Starting from the traditional method used by Chinese farmers to make straw hats the process will be optimised to consider the commercial introduction.

whecatSource: Whecat by XiaoLab

9. Native at Browns Brook Street

The architecture and design studio Red Deer created a restaurant space centred on sustainability and craftsmanship principles. Reusing waste materials, and involving suppliers offering new and innovative materials as well as local artists was the focus.

The result was a collective effort that resulted in a cosy look & feel yet with an artisanal twist thanks to the use of natural clay, the floor mosaic, the organic lampshades, the onyx table tops, and the wool used for booths, curtains and seat pads.


10. Buckingham Green - The Tower

Another office space, this time developed by British studio Modus. This studio manages offices refurbishment, procurement, tech integration, space planning, 3d modelling and more.

Modus created this turnkey project for London Oriental, collaborating with JLL and Savills, and giving it a homely yet luxurious feel. The sustainable features are many and make for an inspiring work place and interior project. Table tops obtained by yoghurt pots as those featured in our Zernike PBSA for reference, stools obtained from beer factory wastes, bamboo shelving, and lots of greenery.

And here it is, my top 10 selection. If you are interested I highly suggest giving a look at all the other projects mentioned on Dezeen, there are many that would deserve their spot here as well. In the meantime, I hope you found my list interesting and most of all, inspiring.


Cover photo by Boz Gagovski for Red Deer

Riccardo Del Bello

Written by: Riccardo Del Bello

Riccardo is the marketing manager and partner of A Designer at Heart. He is in charge of the development and brand definition of the company for its marketing activities.


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