Home decor 2.0: flowers online!

| Martina Pardo | Archive
Hello design lovers! I don't know about you, but I find small businesses fascinating especially the tech-oriented and family-run. I recently discovered Vela, which is both those things: an auntie ...

Can ergonomics improve health? I asked the expert!

| Martina Pardo | Archive
Hello design lovers! Have you ever been interested in posture at work? I wasn't. I had to experience a series of side effects before starting to be. Every time people looked at me, slumping at my ...

Decorating with black: all you need to know!

| Martina Pardo | Archive
Let's face it: black ceilings are not for everyone. People love them or hate them, no middle ground. I am a black-lover at heart and tend to add black elements in my bedroom every time I have the ...

New challenge: home office interior design in Bologna

| Martina Pardo | Archive
Hello design lovers! Do you remember when I told you about me designing a bathroom on Whatsapp? Well, guess what? After the bathroom project, when Lu needed help with her home office interior...

Ceramica Sant'Agostino at Cersaie 2017: Beauty is a daily duty!

| Martina Pardo | Archive
Hello design lovers! A few weeks back I visited Cersaie, the International exhibition of ceramic tiles and bathroom. It was a really nice experience, even though I brought my camera and couldn't u...

Ikea Eftertanke: exclusive limited edition collection in the UK

| Martina Pardo | Archive
Hello design lovers! Today we are going to talk about Ikea, who are giving us great satisfaction. With new collections and unexpected collaborations being revealed, I am all ears. There's a parti...

The next level e-service (how I designed a bathroom on whatsapp!)

| Martina Pardo | Archive
Hello design lovers! Today I'm going to tell you about me and Lucrezia (Lu) designing a bathroom on Whatsapp!Yes, you heard me right :) But first, who's Lu? Lu is an Italian girl living in Bolog...

Vote for me at the Amara IBA 2017

| Martina Pardo | Archive
I'm thrilled to announce that I've been nominated for the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2017 in the Best Newcomer Blog Category! There is time until the 15th of September to vote. In order to make ...

How to find free (and beautiful) interior design pictures for your blog!

| Martina Pardo | Archive
Hello design lovers! This post is a follow up from my previous one, where I talked about images copyright and what no-one tells you about blogging and pinning. Long story short, I thought that usi...

One thing no one tells you about blogging + updates

| Martina Pardo | Archive
Hello design lovers! I'm back at writing after three hectic weeks! Quite exciting things have happened: I travelled to Cologne for three weeks in a row for a new cool project, still secret, that ...


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