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Hello Design Lovers! In our latest article, we talked about how to start organising your Student Accommodation room to get the best out of it. We dive now into styles and essential items you need to properly start decorating your room’s interior. Today we look at how to achieve a perfect Boho Style for your Student Accommodation room for just £650 or less.

First, A Little Real-Life Story To Introduce This Journey>> Skip To The Lists Below If You Are In A Hurry!

I remember when I first moved out of my parents’ house. I was 25 and I had just graduated in building engineering in Sicily, which means that I was craving creative experiences like my life depended on it. I packed my favourite possessions in a suitcase and moved to Milan to attend an Interior Design master's at Politecnico University.

Initially, I settled in a student accommodation next to the university for a couple of months, before moving into a shared flat with some friends. One day I was in a big supermarket and I needed to buy my own soap dish. I know is a small thing, but I was quite excited to finally be allowed to purchase stuff for the house. How cool!

Sadly, the best I could find was a €3 plastic container in a dark red colour that didn’t look too appealing. But I needed it quickly, so I bought it. Now, you would think that I got rid of the soap dish as soon as I had a better choice, but this is not the case. I am one of those people who give emotional value to objects and I hate wasting. To my surprise, that plastic soap dish proved to be strong and functional.

Long story short, I still have it after 7 years. My boyfriend and I use it every day while we shower. It has come with me as far as China, back to Italy and then to London.


interior design material choice

Your Student Room

Depending on the room’s existing conditions (colour scheme, materials, etc) you may want to choose a style that will suit the room. The goal is to enhance the room’s potential to give you everything that you need, in terms of functionality and style.

How Do You Start? Essentials First!

I’m a practical person. I know you are going to find yourself browsing the web forever, overwhelmed by the endless sea of possibilities. It’s like going to the supermarket, if you don’t make a list first, you end up buying a lot of things that look perfect at the moment and when you get home you realise you forgot the toilet paper and a lot of other essential items!

We put together the list for you, here is what you need! Make a budget and stick to it. Hopefully, our selections below will give you an idea of how much you may want to spend.

Then Choose Your Style

Disclaimer: this and the articles that will follow I include my favourite interior styles. The list doesn’t aim to be comprehensive as it’s meant to be fun and true to our company’s design ethos. And to all of you with similar taste!

Boho Interior Design

Boho Interior Design or Bohemian distinguishes itself from others for being eclectic and characterised by earthy and warm tones, rough textures, and patterned elements.

Despite common trends, the Boho style can be very diverse. It is close to people expressing their love for an unconventional lifestyle, close to the world of arts and travels. For this reason, it features details from different cultures and parts of the world but always combined in a relaxing environment.

This interior style should feature some original pieces from markets, some selected objects you wouldn’t normally find in shops. Home-made elements such as Macramé have also their place in a Boho Interior.

Below you can see a couple of great examples of Boho Interior Design from Instagram:


Now that we have a clearer idea of what this style is, let’s proceed with the list of essentials, divided by areas, that you have to include to create the perfect Boho space.


kitchen boho interior design

  1. Matte Copper Cutlery Set, Zara Home – £5.99 – £7.99 x piece
  2. Sensuell, IKEA – 4-piece cookware set, stainless steel, grey, £90
  3. Filbunke, IKEA – 3-piece kitchen utensil set, £1.25
  4. Alka, Habitat – Copper finish metal utensil holder – £12
  5. Dyed Thread Tea Towel, Zara Home – pack of 2, £7.99
  6. Linen Oven Glove, MUJI – £7.95
  7. Dinera, IKEA – 18-piece service, beige, £27
  8. Vattentät, IKEA – Kettle, stainless steel, black, 2 l, £12
  9. Elzora, Habitat – Chalk white mug, £6 x piece
  10. 365+, IKEA – Glass, clear glass, 18 cl, pack of 6 £2.50
  11. Vardagen, IKEA – Grater with handle, £5
  12. Koncis, IKEA – Can opener, stainless steel, £5
  13. Chopping Board in mango wood, H&M – 22×43 cm board with handle, £12.99
  14. Gemak, IKEA – Colander, off-white, £5.50

room boho interior design

  1. Nebraska, Habitat – White rectangular soap dish with black rim, £5
  2. Toothbrush mug, H&M – 7.5×10 sandstone-look resin with a removable divider, £9.90
  3. Towel, West Elm – Organic Turkish Tassel Towels, £19
  4. Bath Mat, H&M – Round tasseled bath mat, £19.99 *don’t use on heated floor
  5. Grusblad, IKEA – Duvet, 7.5 TOG, Single, £12
  6. Hampdån, IKEA – 50×80 cm firmer pillow, £6
  7. 1. Washed linen duvet cover set, H&M – Double Duvet Cover, set of 2 pillowcases beige £79.99
    2. Washed linen fitted sheet, H&M – Fitted Sheet, white £49.99
  8. Chenille Blanket, H&M – Throw with fringe trims, £17.99
  9. 1Inner, IKEA – 50×50 cm cushion pad, white, £2.25 x piece
    2. Cushion cover with Tassels, H&M – 50×50 cm light beige, £19.99
    3. Wool-blend cushion cover, H&M – 50×50 cm dark grey/patterned £19.99
  10. Forså, IKEA – Work lamp, brass-colour, £17
  11. 1. Clay Pot, Patch – Light grey and charcoal pot for indoor plants, £5
    2. Raindrop, Patch – Polished ceramic and concrete pattern pot for indoor plants, £14
  12. 1. Moon Banner, Urban Outfitters – Hanging moon cycle banner with hammered metal, £16
    2. Macramé wall hanging envelop key holder, Etsy – Wall art natural decor, £25
    3. Large wall hanging Macramé decor, Etsy – Handmade wall art, £49
    4. Bold Lines No2 Poster, Desenio – 21×30 cm print £8.95
  13. 1Ashkhan, Habitat – Natural set of 3 fabric storage baskets, £25
    2. Rattan Spice Box, H&M – 10.5×11.5×30 cm braided storage box, £19.99
    3. Gnabbas, IKEA – 32x35x32 cm basket, £7

Disclaimer: some objects in the list have a secondary numeration. In the case of multiple items such as beddings (duvet cover, pillowcases, and fitted sheet) all the items are suggested. Differently, in the Lifestyle list, points 11, 12 and 13 present accessories and storage units that are optional, and can be substituted or skipped!

These are my suggestions for a Boho Interior Design Style Student Accommodation Room. Hope you’ll find them useful and interesting. And this is just the first one! In the next weeks we’re going to publish similar guidelines for various popular interior design styles, so Stay Tuned!

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Riccardo Del Bello

Written by: Riccardo Del Bello

Riccardo is the marketing manager and partner of A Designer at Heart. He is in charge of the development and brand definition of the company for its marketing activities.



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