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Hello Design Lovers! Let’s continue our series on how to décor your student accommodation room. We started with the organisation, then last week we dived into Boho Style, today instead we look at Scandi Interior Design.

The aim here is to really help you obtain the right interior for your space, not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. To do this and avoid the risk of mixing too many different styles we put together some guidelines and a list of essential items all with a strong Scandi style component.

A Personal Experience

I’ll confess something: I love Scandi style, but only in photos! Every time I look at Instagram accounts such as @catesthill@myscandinavianhome or @fantasticfrank I stare at them ecstatic. There’s something super peaceful in that balance of grey colours with soft greens, warm wood, and textured fabrics. It instantly makes me feel ready to open a book and curl on a sofa with a cup of tea, enjoying the silence of nature out of the open window.


Then I look at my house… It looks nothing like that! For as much as I like it in photos, I rarely manage to create such a peaceful vibe in my house. Rick and I have a thing for stronger colours like black, blue, and dark orange. We collect prints from street artists and cult movie posters and struggle to keep everything tidy on a daily basis.

Scandi style instead, as we’ll explain soon, is all about balance, quiet and feeling cosy.

About Your Room And Which Style To Pick

If you’re preparing for the next semester, when we’ll all gradually go back to our daily life (hopefully) and would love to add your own touch to your room but you’re not sure yet about what to do, take your time first. We’re here to help.

So, let’s have a look at some positive inspiration for your Scandi Interior Design. For the best result, remember also to adapt your choices to the basic look and layout of your room.

Scandi Interior Design

This popular interior design style is of course connected in various ways with the culture of its region of origin, Scandinavia. Basic concepts to start from are Minimalism, Light neutral colours, a warm atmosphere (Hygge: Danish/Norwegian word indicating cosiness), attention to lighting both natural and artificial, and lots of natural material.


If you’re just moving into our Student Accommodation in University, for a Scandi style then it’s important to take it slow and avoid cluttering the place. Also, since the room will already have its own flooring and wall colours it will be important to carefully choose everything else to set the right palette and mood.

Colours should, in fact, be mainly based on white. Accents or secondary shades can be added using neutral grey or light blues and greens. A certain level of contrast can be added with furniture and other items using black on the white background.

The concept of Hygge, become popular from Danish culture, indicates the feeling of cosiness. Like relaxing under a blanket while reading a book and enjoying a cappuccino on a cold rainy day. Candles, chunky knitted blankets, and similar are the right items to look at.

Like Hygge, the lighting factor is strictly connected to the Scandinavian environment. These Interiors are designed to capture as much light as possible, due to the general lack of it, compared to southern countries. Using different sources of artificial lights though is another way to obtain the right effect.

Finally, the typical element of a Scandi Interior Design is the timber floor. Along with that, usually come other natural materials that combined with each of the other elements convey the right mood. Of course, the timber floor is not a given in a student accommodation. So, it is important to select wooden objects, plants, and other similar objects for your interior.

Now that we’ve laid out some ‘ground rules’ let’s see what are the things that you can’t miss for your Scandi Interior Design.


scandi interior design kitchen

  1. Cutlery with wood-effect handle, Zara Home - £2.99-£3.99 x piece
  2. Tower Scandi Pots and Pans, Amazon – Non stick with soft-touch wood effect handles, grey, 5 pieces - £80
  3. Fulländad, IKEA - 5-piece kitchen utensil set, grey, £3
  4. Elliot, Habitat - Black and white striped utensil jar, £15
  5. Tea Towels, Normann Copenhagen - Ren Tea Towel Stripe Grid Pale Green/Spicy Orange, £12 x piece
  6. Vardagen, IKEA – oven glove black, £3
  7. Uno, Habitat - White 12-piece dinner set, £30
  8. Tower Kettle, Charlies – Scandi style cordless rapid boil kettle, Grey, £24.99
  9. Bliss Mug, Normann Copenhagen - 50cl grey porcelain, £12
  10. Irvig, IKEA – glass grey, 45 cl 4-piece pack, £5
  11. Grater with wooden base, Zara Home – Metal grater with wood handle and base, £11.99
  12. Koncis, IKEA – can opener, stainless steel, £5
  13. Fuji, Habitat – White ash square wooden chopping board, £25
  14. Gemak, IKEA – Colander, off-white, £5.50

scandi interior design bedroom

  1. Black Resin soap dish, Zara Home – soap dish, £7.99
  2. Black Resin Tumbler, Zara Home – Toothbrush holder, £7.99
  3. Tasselled bath towel, H&M – Anthracite Grey, striped, organic cotton, £12.99
  4. Cotton bathmat, H&M – organic cotton, £17.99
  5. Grusblad, IKEA – Duvet, 7.5 TOG, Single, £12
  6. Hampdån, IKEA – 50×80 cm firmer pillow, £6
  7. Checked Duvet cover Set, H&M – white/black checked duvet cover, 2 pillowcases, £34.99
  8. Geometric Design Blanket, Zara Home – blue and white pattern and fringed blanket, £29.99
  9. Blue Stripe linen cushion, Nordic House – breathable natural Linen, £30
  10. Tony Task Lamp, John Lewis – desk lamp, Lichen/White/Grey, £25
  11. Cube Table Lamp, Nordic House – Lamp, matte black metal finish, £35
    Concrete Pot, Patch – Rustic grey, 12.5 cm, £10
  12. Blötsnö, IKEA - LED lighting chain with 12 lights, indoor, battery-operated black, £15
  13. Bläddra, IKEA – Box grey 33x38x33 cm, £7
    Jericho, Habitat - 3 striped woven cotton storage boxes, £25
    Idaho, Habitat - Small bamboo lidded storage trunk, £30


Let us know what you think about the Scandi Interior Design selection we proposed and suggest new ideas through our social media channels!  Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn

I hope you enjoyed this. I will be back next week with another installment of this small series. So, if you’re still looking for the ideal interior design style for you, keep following the blog!

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Riccardo Del Bello

Written by: Riccardo Del Bello

Riccardo is the marketing manager and partner of A Designer at Heart. He is in charge of the development and brand definition of the company for its marketing activities.



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